My memory is started from the elementary school.

Before the age of six, I grew up in my rural hometown in Laiwu City, Shandong Province. The memory of this period is only scattered pieces of images.

In 1984, due to parents’ job changes, I moved to Nanchang, Jiangxi Province with my parents, and started my elementary school. I stayed in Nanchang for about four years.

Basically, the four years time in Nanchang is on behalf of my childhood. It was a sunny, carefree good times: wonderful family life, all sorts of interesting things in school, and the beautiful landscape. When I recall it now, it just likes a paradise, or a fairy tale world. After grew up, so many times I went back there in my dreams. Now it’s a bit hard to tell which parts are real memory, and which parts are the images in dreams.

That period of time in Nanchang is the beginning of my memory, and the beginning as a student. It is a precious experience deep in my memory.

In 1988, my parents’ job changed again. My family had to return to Shandong, and settled down at the foot of Mount Tai, Tai’an City. Here, I finished elementary, junior and senior high school. In junior high school stage, my school was not a key middle school of the city.  I always scored number 1 of my class in every exam. Even in the whole school, I was one of the best. The only headache was Chinese writing class. But after entering high school, the situation became a bit better. For the high school stage, there was only one thing in my daily life – studying. Night classes, all kinds of cram study sessions, etc. There was only one goal for that period – getting a better score in the college entrance exam. The study in high school was the hardest, and the pressure was also the largest.

The whole view of Mount Taishan

The whole view of Mount Taishan looking from my parents’ home

Living at the foot of Mount Taishan, it’s very convenient to climb Mt. Taishan. What’s more, I have chances to understand Mt. Taishan’s history and culture. So I built a website about Mt. Taishan, which is my first website. In my home, you can get a perfect view of the whole Mt. Taishan.

My parents are very good people. They are very kind and have a good temper. Compared to this society, we can say my parents are very pure. Unhealthy customs in society don’t exist in my home. This is really commendable. Both of my parents have good educational background, and are open-minded. My education at home is not very rigid.

The family also had a direct impact on my character. My introverted character, not talkative, seeking truth from facts, anything through own efforts, disgusting with doing thing through back door. I think all of these are due to the family environment.

During growth, I had lived many cities, including studying in Nanjing, and then living in Shanghai. I got benefits from frequent changes of living environments. It enriches my experience. More importantly, it makes me think one thing from various angles.